Campaign Raising Money for Free Ice Cream In Denver

A comedy show is raising money to spread ice cream and joy in Denver

Kickstarter campaigns are a new way for companies who are just starting out to receive crowd funding through the appeal of their mission. People use this resource and donate to these campaigns for a variety of motivations. The new Kickstarter mission of Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn is taking a different approach than most pitches, though – they want to raise money to buy 1,000 people ice cream cones, and then make a movie about it, Reverb reports.

The duo are the hosts of the L.A. based “Jordan, Jesse, Go!” comedy podcast. Their plan is to raise $9,500 on Kickstarter, buy 1,000 ice cream cones at Denver’s Sweet Action Ice Cream, and then hand them out to people on the street while filming the scene.

The goal of the project is to spread joy through these random gifts, and any money they raise above the $9,500 (which goes towards the travel costs, filming, and ice cream) will be donated to a children’s charity.


Sweet Action Ice Cream is prepared to scoop 1,000 cones, but as of now the project only has 105 backers pledging $1,671. The team hopes to raise the money in enough time to spread these summer treats and love throughout Denver.