Tips for Keeping Your Summer Parties Eco-Friendly

Stay green while hosting friends this season

As soon as the weather heats up, everyone’s minds turn to days at the beach, outdoor BBQs, and spending time eating and drinking with family and friends.

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When entertaining, its easy to fall into the trap of using products such as paper towels or plastic cutlery to minimize preparation, and while they are simple to grab and use, its important to consider the environment even when you are inviting a few friends over.

With the help of CalNaturale, we’ve provided a few tips to help make your summertime soirees as eco-friendly and waste-free as possible. CalNaturale is a wine made from all organic California grapes without any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and is served in a Tetra Pak encasement instead of a glass bottle, cutting its carbon footprint in half.


Committed to sustaining a pure and healthy global environment, CalNaturale shares their tips to keeping your summer hosting as clean and green as possible.