Call for Recipes: New Edition of The Twinkies Cookbook

Submit your Twinkie-inspired recipes for a chance to be featured in the new edition of The Twinkies Cookbook


Die-hard Twinkie fans know that July 15 marks one year since their beloved snack cake was returned to store shelves.

What have you been doing with all of that golden, cream-filled goodness for the past twelve months? Hostess wants to know! They’ve announced a new Comeback Edition of The Twinkies Cookbook and are inviting Twinkie fanatics everywhere to submit their recipes for a chance to be featured in the new edition. In the words of Hostess Brands President and CEO William Toler, “This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate America’s renewed love affair with Twinkies by creating a comeback edition of The Twinkie Cookbook and inviting fans to be part of the next chapter of Twinkies history.” The new edition is set to be published in time for the Twinkie’s 85th anniversary.

Recipes can be submitted online at through July 31, 2014 or by tweeting the recipe with the hashtag #TwinkieCookbook or with the tag @Hostess_Snacks.

The Twinkie-inspired recipes should be fun, inventive, and, of course, delicious! 

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