California Fitness

Row 1

138 Huaihai Middle Rd., Infiniti Plaza (Longmen Rd | 龙门路)
+86 21 6375 6534
Gym / Fitness
Mon, Sun: 10:00 AM–8:30 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Gay and cruisy ?this place is for u
  • Air con gets turned off at 10pm! When does my membership expire again?
  • Markets itself as one of the premier gyms in SH, yet you have to request them to turn on the air con #takingthepiss #GTF
  • Come join the fun!!!!
  • Time to pump!!
  • Forgot to add : The staff and personal trainer that i dealt with were unfriendly and not professional.
  • My fave person here is the chick that rocks the treadmill at 15 deg incline while eating McDonald's! I love her.
  • Morning team are clueless, mgt don't care won't be renewing my membership!
  • one of the best places to enjoy a GYM in Shanghai...
  • Depends on the teacher. Some classes are good some are more where teacher is showing off rather than teaching. Hit or miss with this one
  • Never crowded in the morning
  • 7 pm - 8 pm is always peak time, all treadmills are occupied...
  • Come for the workout. Stay for the shitty Destiny's Child remixes
  • 'Angela O-1 Angela O-1'
  • Ask the staff to clean the running machines. There's usually sweat all over them & tons of dust in the air blowers on the machine. Terrible to breath in
  • BodyPump! Strong is a good instructor. Wish the gym have TRX classes tho
  • Work hard! Good results! U can feel and see the difference!
  • Shame they don;t have bodyattack
  • Yes to summarize it : Worst Gym in Shanghai
  • In short: Dirty showers, stained and filthy sauna, smelly towels, sometimes old, unfixed or broken equipment for floor work out, very old and greasy mats, gym machines are ok, yet nothing special...