California Chefs on Life After Foie Gras

What are chefs doing after the foie gras ban? Focusing on duck liver, avocados, and more
Foie Gras

While Nevada may be booming in the foie gras business after the California ban, California chefs have been dealing with withdrawal symptoms, whether it's obtaining and selling foie gras via loopholes or finding alternatives.

Los Angeles Magazine's Digest blog rounded up four chefs dealing with life after the foie gras ban, with some swapping in other animals' livers for the fatty delicacy.


Walter Manzke from République has been using regular duck liver and adding butter for more fat ("It's the closest thing to foie gras I can create," he says) while others are going for chicken, rabbit, lamb, and calf's livers. Vinny Dotolo over at Animal has been going for heart and tongue instead, while another chef is just going in the opposite direction and buying the best avocados possible. So any home cooks with ethical dilemmas on foie gras might have some suitable alternatives and cooking ideas; head over to Digest for the full explanations.