Cake Batter Party Dip

Staff Writer
Is your party dip still savory? Turn over to the sweet side
Cake Batter Party Dip

Photo Modified: Flickr/Pink Sherbet Photography/CC 4.0

Ever considered cake dip for your party table?

Guacamole, spinach artichoke, blue cheese — these are all classic and undeniably delicious party dips, but they're all stuck on the savory side. Why not mix it up at your next summer party and delight you guests with color and sweetness with a cake batter party dip?

No one can resist any food with rainbow sprinkles, so watch as your guests become kids again as they dive for this sinfully sweet appetizer, perfectly cool and refreshing for the summer heat.

There is the classic version courtesy of Betty Crocker, although you can make a healthier version which replaces cream cheese with yogurt and Cool Whip, such as the recipe from Sweet Treats & More. Mix ahead of time and store in the fridge until guests arrive — you won’t have to stress about cooking! Either way you prepare it, the result is irresistible, creative, and charming. Oh, and don’t forget to swap out regular salty chips with graham crackers, wafers, or another sweet crunchy snack— get creative!

So the next time you’re designing your summer party menu and don’t feel up for baking a cake, consider cake batter dip, and keep your party sweet.