Butterfruit Labs Presents: The Best Coffee in NYC by Subway

The NYC Coffee Map lets you keep track of the best coffee shops in the city
NYC Coffee Map
Butterfruit Labs

The NYC Coffee Map from Butterfruit Labs shows you the best coffee shops in the city by subway stop.

Butterfruit Labs has created a coffee-centric New York City subway map and dedicated app covering the best places to grab coffee in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Although you can barely turn a corner without finding yourself in front of a Starbucks counter, it’s worth knowing where else to get your caffeine fix.

“I made the map/app because I love good coffee, and am always getting work done inside coffee shops,” creator Nirmal Banerjee told us. “There are so many great places in NY besides the corner chain.” Coffee shops were selected according to factors like customer reviews, proximity to the train, bean variety, and available equipment. A few Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts do make appearances on the map in areas where better options weren’t available.  

As of right now, the NY Coffee Map app is only available for Android users, but is being actively updated and improved. Android users can download the app for free from Google Play.

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