Burp Castle

Pub, Bar
$ $
41 E 7th St (btwn 2nd Ave & Cooper Sq)
New York, NY 10003


  • Get shushed!
  • In the nineties, the bartenders wore monks robes and played a soundtrack of Gregorian chants; now its more of a reform situation, allowing for jazz and civvies.
  • Shhhhhh!!! Remember to shush your fellow patrons.
  • Check out the web 2.0/new media sticker museum in the men's restroom.
  • At first I thought the shushing was obnoxious, then I grew to appreciate it. You can find a 1000 noisy bars in nyc, but only 1 quiet 1.
  • Shhh. The best bar in Manhattan to have an actual conversation. Trust the bartenders to select the perfect Belgian beer for you.
  • Be quiet! We're trying to drink here!
  • be extra quiet and shoosh the loud talkers. grandpas rule here!
  • More like a library. Yaaaaawn. {thumbsdown}
  • Right next to Jimmy's No. 43 this interested place as one rule: When it get's dark - you must be quite. You even get "Shh"ed!
  • pretentious wait staff
  • My second glass of wine was considerably larger than my first. #twerk
  • Known as the place where you "get shushed," this sister bar to Standings sports a more reserved atmosphere and a Belgian influence in its beer selection... and free frites three times a week!
  • See if you can make it through the night without triggering a shush.
  • Shhh this mother f#%er down!
  • Be quiet and drink up... No cell phone convos or flash photography, but the beer is top notch. The shushing is divine for some, annoying for others.
  • Go for the NYC Homebrewers guild on the third tuesday of the month: beer lecture and tasting included!
  • If you end up here with someone who doesn't like beer, order them a white beer w/ a splash of whatever lambic is on tap
  • Bring your inside voice.

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