VIDEO: Burgers and Cocktails

Why burgers and cocktails are the best new pairing you haven't tried
Burgers and Cocktails: The Last Night in Seoul
The Last Night in Seoul cocktail.
Ali Rosen

The Last Night in Seoul cocktail.

Forgo the red wine and beer when firing up the grill for burgers, and instead mix up a cocktail. Orson Salicetti, the mixologist for Social Eatz, shows that cocktails are just as good with a burger. Wouldn't think of it as a good pairing? It's similar to pairing red meat with wine, says Salicetti — consider how sweet or how dry a cocktail is, and pair like you would a wine (i.e. spicy burgers with a lighter, refreshing cocktail.) Learn how to make the punch cocktail, "The Last NIght in Seoul," and drink up.