Burger King Giving Away Free Satisfries

The new fries will be given away this weekend
Burger King

Burger King is giving away free Satisfries!

Free French fries? Yes, please. 

According to USA Today, Burger King will be giving away free samples of their new Satisfries this weekend. The promotion will be available only at participating locations; the free fries will be “value” sized, and usually cost $1.29.

Here is the only rule: only one order per customer.  

The company’s president of North America, Alex Macedo, president of Burger King North America predicts more than 10 million giveaways.

Burger King added this new item to their menu in late September. These crinkle-cut fries contain 40 percent less fat and 70 fewer calories than an order of McDonald’s fries, thanks to a reformulated batter that allows less oil to be absorbed. 

As for Burger King, they aren’t changing their name to Fries King anytime soon. Only in some stores have they “decided to revamp themselves for an unknown amount of time."

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But who knows, with this promotion they may become the “Fries King” after all.