Burger King China Release PooPoo Smoothie


Despite the name, if you happen to be in China, we'd recommend checking out this BK smoothie treat.

It may sound completely disgusting, but apparently people who have tried Burger King China’s new PooPoo Smoothie, say it’s actually really delicious. Whether the unfortunate name is a mistranslation, or just an unusual joke, Burger King should hope it doesn’t deter customers. The smoothie is mango-flavored and contains little pulp-like “pearls” which are supposed to explode in your mouth upon consumption.

Kotaku has described the smoothie as similar to a Taiwanese boba tea, also known as bubble tea, which is known for the tapioca balls or pearls inside the smoothie-like fruit tea drink. The Asian culture blog has also said that the name “PooPoo smoothie” is only the English name of the drink, and that in Chinese, the name can roughly be translated to “mango ice smoothie with blow-up pearls cold beverage.” 

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