Burbank Empire Center

1800 W Empire Ave (at N Victory Pl)
Burbank, CA 91504
(818) 845-5900


  • A lot of solicitors lately! (I don't know what happened to the No Solicitation policy). Now, I don't mind the older one but I do mind the young!
  • Nice place. Lowes is nice b/c their are no day labors hanging out in the parking lot like HomeDepot
  • I love this place ......
  • AWESOME!!!! Love Burbank
  • Not pleasant getting accosted by the militant Greenpeace activist.
  • Everything you need is here. Target, Best buy, Michaels, lunch and dinner places+++ easiest parking is by Lowes when its busy.
  • Before this was a ginormous shopping center it was a Lockheed Airfield airplane Factory during World War II that made the B-2 bombers
  • You can always walk a little bit to where you want to go, everyone is always about parking so close so they don't have to walk far.
  • Great service, friendly staff, and handsome doctors! Why go anywhere else?
  • Fire the person that designed the parking lot with no sidewalks and berms! You have to pull half way out into the lane to see on-comb traffic! Dumb.
  • A giant Best Buy, Target, Marshall's, etc. all in one place. Very convenient. Don't forget to use sunscreen for the walk to/from your car.

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