Bunratty Castle & Folk Park

Castle, Historic Site, Park
Caisleán Bhun Raithe
Bunratty, Co Clare
+353 61 360 788


  • Give yourself a few hours to enjoy and go thru the entire village and castle! There is a lot to see! Also experienced the Feast! It was the best!
  • Take your time going up and down the stairs in the castle, they're very narrow!
  • Good 2 hours spend exploring this fascinating 'musuem'.
  • So much fun, well worth a visit
  • Bon rapport qualit/prix, la visite vaut le coup
  • Had a blast here at the Traditional Irish Night. Song & wine were flowing.
  • Muito bom passeio!!!!
  • Fantastic at Easter, loads of characters to meet and loads to do...
  • Amazing authentic place. Really enjoyed it. Loved the village.
  • Great place try and book a banquet. Great welcome.
  • Didn't actually go inside as we were only passing by, but it looks amazing from the outside! I read the have banquets like back in the days, so I'll have to come back :-) beautiful little town.
  • Absolutely gorgeous and they did a great job with an authentic renovation
  • The folk park is very fun to explore while the castle may be a tad underwhelming but workers a visit regardless.
  • The 343 bus to Bunratty from Limerick is 6.70 round-trip, but can run quite late on the return.
  • Inside the castle is a must tour
  • The Castle when seen outside, seems small, but inside it is incredible! So medieval, with streight stairs and a great view of the city and the River! The village is beautiful and lovely! Just 10!
  • Closes early. Check the time. Do the dinner!
  • Solo pasamos unos minutos, lamentablemente para ver el castillo hay que pagar y no tenamos el tiempo, pero es hermoso
  • Great walk. Loads to do and see. Great gift shop.
  • Fantastic plunge into medieval Irish lifestyle. You get to walk into buildings which look like their inhabitants just went out for a walk - both in castle and village.

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