Bunker Hill Monument

Landmark, Scenic Lookout, Historic Site
31 Monument Sq
Boston, MA 02129
(617) 242-5641


  • This monument commemorates the Battle of Bunker Hill, where the famous command "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" was issued. The ambitious visitor may climb the 295 steps to the top.
  • Climb to the top they said. It will be fun they said.
  • Visit the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown and stand in the space where we first took a stand in the American Revolution.
  • This engraving depicts the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill, where inexperienced colonial soldiers first proved they were willing and able to stand up to regular British troops in a pitched battle.
  • Lovely gift shop and rest rooms at the top.
  • Revolutionary things to do here: climb 294 steps to enjoy one of Bostons best views and secondly resist temptation to utter the immortal line, Dont fire until you see the whites of their eyes!
  • Stretch before climbing if you are over 30!!!
  • Amazing Monument check it out during the early morning it's beautiful.
  • You get to climb 294 steps to the top of the monument...before you do so make sure to get a free pass from the museum across the street
  • Before going there, make your way to the museum directly across from the monument to get a free ticket to climb up to the top. You'll get the best view of Boston's awesome skyline!
  • Amazing place...the 300 steps to the top is a hike!
  • If you can check in here, you earned it
  • Prime spot to begin the Colonial Crossfit program. Run all 294 steps then celebrate with a smugled Sam Adams beer!
  • Climb to the top.
  • "Don't fire 'til you see the whites of their eyes" - the well-known command given during the Bunker Hill battle.
  • This is quite a workout. Take your time, and don't try to climb it if you have health problems. The view is fantastic.
  • Run a few extra miles and join us. We 're having a launch event at CitySports on Wednesday at 6pm. Try us on, run with us, become part of us. Here's the details: https://topo-athletic.eventbrite.com/
  • Make sure to get your climbing pass at the museum across the street.
  • It's fun watching the fatties reach the top!
  • Fun place to roll down a hill!

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