Building a Better Food System—ICE Alum Matthew Weingarten

From by Institute of Culinary Education
Building a Better Food System—ICE Alum Matthew Weingarten


When someone mentions “creativity” in the context of cooking, you might initially think about artful plating, unusual ingredient selection or innovation in cooking techniques. ICE alum and culinary director at Dig Inn Matthew Weingarten has built his career on a completely different type of creativity. Namely, Matt has dedicated his career to reconciling the poetic mission of supporting local, sustainably sourced ingredients with the practical demands of running a successful business.

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“It’s great that we all care about how our food grows and where we’re buying it,” explains Matt,“but none of that matters if you can’t survive as a business. I feel incredibly strongly about that—learning the business side of the decisions we make as chefs is the best way to realize our ideas and our dreams.”


Read on to learn about Matt's business-savvy approach to mission-driven cooking.