Build Your Brand: Social Media for Culinary Professionals

From by Institute of Culinary Education
Build Your Brand: Social Media for Culinary Professionals

Laura Denby—Student, School of Culinary Arts


Social networking is arguably the most important marketing tool of the last decade, and is undoubtedly most useful for entrepreneurs. Specifically in the food industry, small business owners have the unique benefit of sharing visual content directly with customers through their social channels. Harnessing these platforms is one of the most efficient ways to grow brand recognition, brand value and drive web traffic.

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This month I had the pleasure of attending a seminar at ICE called “Social Media in the Culinary Realm,” taught by the very talented Lori Greene, director of content for Maxus Global, through ICE’s School of Professional Development. Lori explained that, in the digital age, people get information from their community and a sense of community from their information. From there, she covered actionable ways that culinary entrepreneurs and small business owners can start using social media to grow their brand.


Read on for a summary of Lori's expert social media advice.