Budavári Palota

Castle, Museum, Landmark
Budai Vár
Budapest, 1014


  • Enjoy sightseeing but have a drink or lunch somewhere else - as everything is unreasonably expensive inside and around the castle area.
  • Awesome place to take photos! Don't forget your camera!
  • Super bir manzara
  • a legjobb dolog a sikl :)
  • A must see of this city... Prices can be a little high, so make sure to eat beforehand, or better yet, bring a picnic to enjoy as you overlook the entire city of Pest..!
  • Explore all the little streets and corners, look into every yard, check out every little brick and stone.
  • You should definitely visit the buda castle. The view is amazing.
  • Amazing to go at night
  • Este is rdemes kiltogatni, mert gynyr!
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  • Wonderful scenery to watch for looong time.
  • Monument castle on the hill above the city.There are galleries, spots to enjoy the view or admire the architecture, visit history expositions,try some medieval activities with locals or buy some arts.
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  • It's an interesting place to visit for getting great views of the city. Avoid shops and restaurants, they are a tourist trap.
  • Today we visited Buda Castle and it is still really beautiful and there were lots of people because there is Beer Festival there. Visit it if you would like to taste it! ;)
  • the cheapest shop is CBA. You can find it easily, near of Mtys temple.
  • Subir at o castelo de funicular mais cmodo, mas se puder, v pelas escadarias, que oferecem um caminho repleto de vistas fantsticas de Budapeste.
  • ehir ayaklarnzn altnda, manzaras iin bile klr. Aslanl kprnn dibinden ya yryerek ya da finiklerle kabilirsiniz.
  • Beautiful castle - a mixture of different architecture. You can still see some of the medieval castle through the history museum part.