Buckhead Cigar Club

Smoke Shop, Lounge
3400 Around Lenox Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30326
(404) 760-8873


  • get some La Caridad del Cobre Cigars while you're here.
  • Proud retailer of Nestor Miranda and La Aurora cigars... Check out out the Nestor Bobblehead
  • Buckhead Cigar Lounge no carries Liga Privada's...how wrong could you go?
  • Had Dantanna's fries... if not with a burger, definitely grab a basket!
  • Awesome place!
  • Ask about the soon to come LE 107 only at Buckhead in ATL
  • Ask Mike and Boram who the heck the cigar weasel is.
  • Nestor Miranda Cigars. Special Selection Buckhead blend only available HERE
  • 404-844-0400 is the # to the cigar lounge. The # in the 'call' link is for Dantannas restaurant.
  • Yo! Cigar Snob Magazine marathoners ... get some La Caridad del Cobre Cigars here.
  • Can't go wrong with a Dantanna Burger, a Full Sail Session Lager and a cigar.
  • This is a classy establishment.
  • Ask Mike or Boram for a #FourKicks or #HeadleyGrange bt Crowned Heads.
  • Grab the very popular new Ortega cigar, a good drink and a couch here. Then ask Matt why he's gotta spam up the tips for this place like that. Good times.
  • Look for the La Aurora LE 107 Diadema, only retailer in GA!
  • Ask Roland who the Big Cat is, and ask him to see La Aurora cigars, then tell him he shops at Baby Gap!
  • The place in town for the NEW La Aurora Camroon & Corojo, try it and love it!
  • The best place to find the hard to find in Atlanta. Ask for the La Aurora 107 Lancero
  • Inside Dantana's. Order drinks and food from the Dantana's menu and have a great cigar at the same time. Prices are good as is the selection. They provide the cigars for Cabernet's Wednesday night.
  • For the best smoke ask Roland for assistance! He's very knowledgeable in smooth cigars

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