Gas Station, Convenience Store
10484 US 59 Hwy
Wharton, TX 77488


  • The bathrooms really are the best.
  • I don't always poop in public restrooms, but when I do, I poop at Buc-ee's.
  • If you are looking for a healthier food option from their made-to-order menu: roasted turkey on herb tortillia wrap, lettuce oil/vinagar & provalone. Perfect!
  • Cleanest most sterile bathrooms I've ever dealt with ANYWHERE, let alone a truck stop!
  • The Bathroom's are epic. Very clean. A true Texan road stop.
  • Very impressive truck stop! Full bakery and deli. Extremely well stocked groceries and clean throughout. Friendly employees. Service with a smile. Great souvenirs, too.
  • The restrooms are huge and impeccably clean!
  • Literally the best gas station bathrooms I've ever seen.
  • I believe the hype now. This place is awesome.
  • They have the freshest coffee with flavor cream mmmmm
  • I have never seen a more neatly organized chip aisle in my entire life.
  • Buy a big red Bucees mug when getting a fountain drink! The refills are soooo cheap and the mug is awesome! Great souvenir too!
  • Always has cheap gas. I usually drive out of Houston and I wait to get here to fill up.
  • Great place to stop and fuel-up and use the Facilities!
  • Get some fresh beef jerky or the roasted nuts or the cookies or the sandwiches. Everything is great.
  • Don't see how it can be considered a truck stop when there are signs all over saying "No 18 Wheelers"
  • Clean bathrooms friendly people
  • I don't even know why you'd think of stopping at any other gas/convenience store.
  • Bathrooms are always available and clean. Good and drink selection is pretty nice too!
  • Their iced blueberry scones are delish!

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