Brunch for the Broke: Nodding Head

Have your brunch and beer too at this Philadelphia spot

Nodding Head Brewery and Restaurant

We’ve all been here before – it's the end of the week and we're broke and hungary. Sometimes we're broke, hungary, and want to lay low. The solution is a brunch for the broke at local watering hole Nodding Head in Philadelphia.

Known for its funky décor and super hip brews, Nodding Head is home to a treasure trove of beers. During the week, its second floor dive is home to ultra-hipsters and beer connoisseurs, all jostling for a spot at the bar during the happiest hour of the day. It has been a hidden champion among the beer lovers in the City of Brotherly Love for its six rotating beers on tap, which change seasonally or by the bartender's mood.. Constantly updated with well and lesser known varities and always cold, Nodding Head’s brews pour a healthy dose of hops and happiness. On Sundays, the space takes on a different vibe in the light of day.

The Daily Meal recently tried the brunch. The Grand Marnier French toast the size of a small table topped with warm and gooey caramelized apples couldn’t be shoveled into my mouth fast enough. The crunchy crust gave way to a soft and chewy middle. The breakfast sandwich is equally impressive. A salmon, egg and bacon three-way of joy, the bun was lightly grilled and the ingredients were fresh. The potato fritters that accompanied the sandwich are equally noteworthy. Throughout the brunch, a four-piece band serenaded us with tunes that were so catchy we couldn't help bobbing our heads along to the beat, resembling the figurines that populate the glass cases lining the dining room's walls.

The whimsical atmosphere at this tucked-away gem, the fascinating beers, the bouncy music, and the delicious food was $35 for two, making this a blissful brunch for the broke and affluent, alike.

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Stephanie Walters in a Philadelphia-based Contributing Writer at The Daily Meal.