Bruce Lee's Grave

Memorial Site
1554 15th Ave E (in Lake View Cemetery)
Seattle, WA 98112


  • Look for the BIG White Heart and The Lees are behind the Heart.
  • Look for the headstone that is a large white heart. You will find Bruce and Brandon right behind it.
  • Visit the cemetery association across the street for a map to this and other famous graves there, as the 4s map isn't quite exact. They have a Lee grave guestbook for visitors to sign as well.
  • Film icons Bruce and Brandon Lee rest here and many admirers pay respects. The grounds are well maintained. Little known fact, Jesse Glover and Ed Hart, two accomplished artists rest very near by.
  • WE LOVE U :(
  • Come pay your respect to the legend.
  • Be on time, the area is closing early
  • Always my hero, especially as a kid. Was a little surprised his grave site is as small as it is. I was expecting more. Be kind and respectful.
  • We will always wonder what incredible movies we would have of Brandon was still with us. This is a beautiful cemetery for them to rest in eternal peace. The Crows bounce from headstone to headstone.
  • The bench in the grave only fits two people so beware of people already being there and wait your turn if needed
  • Si eres fan de los Lee es imperdible ahora la vista desde el panten es increble
  • If you can squeeze in a good photo, you've got skill! Recommend a wide angle lens :) Excellent memorial to a highly revered martial arts expert. And the only one to beat Chuck Norris ;)
  • Fazendo um tributo a maior lenda das artes marciais.
  • Grave is not prominently visible, but if you use Google maps it will take you to the exact location
  • If you're in Seattle, come by and pay your respects to one of the best to ever do it...
  • If you're walking in, go straight in from 15th ave and look for the big white heart in the middle. The gravestone if behind it.
  • Visit before I move
  • Easiest way to find it is to look for everyone else who is not dead.

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15th Ave. E & E Olin Pl.
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