The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa

Hotel, Event Space
321 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 297-3111


  • Finish the afternoon with a classic Denver treat: afternoon tea. Enjoy fresh scones, sweet pastries and dainty tea sandwiches, and the delightful melody of a harpist or pianist.
  • They have 250,000 bees on the hotel roof (in 4 hives) that supply honey for their afternoon tea and spa products. Also helping creating awareness for the current honeybee crisis.
  • The Best Historic Hotel to stay in with modern conveniences......Downtown Denver
  • This 118 year-old hotel sits on top of its own artesian well. Drink from the tap, or enjoy the best water pressure of any shower on earth. Not kidding.
  • Take the hotel tour. Lots of history and a tour of the president suite.
  • Honey from rooftop bees is brewed into a new saison beer available at Ship Tavern and Wynkoop Brewery.
  • The Brown Palace employs an in-house historian who can describe the days when miners traded & clashed with the Arapaho tribe. NOTHING DAUNTED explores this era in the Wild West.
  • Almost every president in the United States, since Teddy Roosevelt has stayed here.
  • Pay a little extra to book a "top of the brown" room- brand new remodels with incredible views and gorgeous bathrooms.
  • Beautiful 1800's hotel. Deep bath tubs, had two baths already! I'm in heaven. Thank you Patrick
  • On August 26, 1964 Joan Baez stayed at the Brown Palace. But she wasn't the only musician at the Brown that night. The Beatles were also at the hotel, in room 840. Read all about the Brown's history i
  • Hands-down, one of the two greatest hotel lobbies in the United States.
  • Augment your stay at this historic spot with a trip to some local watering holes! Check out and find a nearby happy hour or read a bar review!
  • Best scotch menu in the US!
  • Really beautiful. Very "bring your parents when they're in town" friendly.
  • Leaving the Brown Palace Hotel in the morning (if the snow stops soon) and I must say the service was amazing. From the housekeeping staff to room service, they all treated me like royalty!
  • Awesome singers with piano man in the Tavern on Friday nights!
  • I think it's worth the splurge. The staff treats every person like a star. Every time I stay here, I never want to leave.
  • Room 711 is haunted.
  • The famed Brown Palace Hotel has its own built-in artesian well that provides fancy water to guests through their faucets.

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