Brown Derby Roadhouse (Chapel Hill)

$ $ $ $
2000 Brittain Rd
Akron, OH 44310
(330) 633-9500



  • Service was no good. Waited over an hour for our food and the food was unappetizing. They were either understaffed or had lazy employees not working. Don't use the bathrooms. Overpriced!
  • Clearing tables at this place is a foreign concept
  • The service SUCKS. The food is average at best and the whole place is filthy. I count nine unbussed tables in the area. Don't go into the foul bathrooms.
  • Don't eat here. Nothing is good but the peanuts.
  • Service and food was awesome. Our server Amanda wad a total sweet heart.
  • Terrible food and service. 7 steaks and all were over cooked. Should have known better when there was no line.
  • GO EAT AT LONGHORN INSTEAD!!! I BEG YOU!!! I'm not eating here again. GF & I both got sick after our meals. No help, sympathy, or refund from mgmt. Just denials.
  • Its not fresh seafood, its frozen. The prime cuts of meat is really from GFS or USFoods. Has NOT been able to pass a health inspection. Owner serves expired food! Filthy! Trust me, I worked there!!
  • Spoke to manager about employees arguing in front of customers. Instead of apologizing he asked if I have ever worked in food and then said I should see them fight after hours. Never coming back.
  • Order the chicken/rib combo and split the meal between two people. It's plenty. Ask for dressing on the side. Salad was a bit drenched. Good food. A bit slow on clearing empty tables.
  • Nothing spectacular. Food was mediocre.