Brother John Uptown Burger

Burgers, Food Truck
In Front of RHB Bank, Jalan SS 21/39, Uptown Damansara
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47400
+60 12-694 4154
9:00pm - 4:00am
9:00pm - 4:00am
9:00pm - 4:00am
9:00pm - 4:00am
9:00pm - 4:00am
9:00pm - 4:00am


  • Damn rite.. Best burger in town..
  • Brother John mmg sempoi. Friendly with all his customers. If regular, he'll rmmber ur face
  • I love the lamb burgers! Try them! Anyone one of them! They're awesome! :D
  • Do try prawn and fish burger. They're awesome!
  • Juicy till it slips out from the inside.. Tantalizing temptation that it's worthy to forgo a days' kilocal..YUMMY is the best word to s@describe this burger ayam cheese Special
  • Brother John Burger Amazingly da sauce.New location beside RHB Bank Uptown D'sara
  • Shifted to nearby RHB in food truck
  • This is really the good stuff. Conveniently behindy office. Satisfies midnight burger cravings. Go for the Master burger. My fav - the Double Special Cheese. Awesome!
  • Brother John peramah beb....haha
  • Best roadside burger I've had so far. Get the Master Burger (RM7.60 as of June 2011) - Double patty, double cheese and egg. Smeared with mustard, special sauce and onions. Complete and awesome meal ri
  • See how John cracks an egg and fry 'em, it's really cool!
  • This is the best and most awesome burger ever had! Recommended!
  • Brother john dah pindah dpn RHB bank starting 8 june 2015
  • Don't have to waste your money on fancy places like Burgerlab or Burger Factory. Just come here and you'll def get value for your cash. You'll thank me later ;)
  • On your first time, just try je burger double triple ke apa. Sumpah sedap weh. Berbaloi.
  • Best street burger. Better than any burger bakar out there.
  • daging special sudei~! pehh~ pastu mintak plak teh ais kaw2 kat ravi
  • If you're a BIG eater, ask for Master Burger (Beef or Chic). It's just simply awesome. For the gluttons, go for Special Cheese Burger (Chic or Beef) + Egg Banjo! THE ULTIMATE COMBO!
  • I Like My Burger Double Deck Meat, Double Cheese, And Of Course Lots Of Fresh Onions, Scrumptious !!!
  • Their sauce is nice!The speciality of the burger is with the 'fried onion',taste delicious.You can make order through phone call and pickup (take away) now,if not have to wait at least 30mins-45mins.

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