Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Scenic Lookout, Park
Columbia Heights (btwn Remsen & Orange St)
Brooklyn, NY 11201


  • One of the best views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. This long path is perfect for a romantic walk after dinner, just don't forget to stop and gaze at the beautiful NYC skyline.
  • Spectacular view of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, especially at night. Perfect place to take a stroll or ponder. Of course, don't forget to bring your camera!
  • Here youll feel the power, romance and glamour of Gotham. The Statue of Liberty presents her torch of freedom while downtowns skyscrapers reach the clouds.
  • Walking along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade at sunset on a warm day.
  • Hit on dat Indian guy.
  • Spectacular views of the lower East River and the lower Manhattan skyline! Extraordinary views at night.
  • With out a doubt, the best place to sit with a cup of coffee and the one you love and enjoy the most spectacular views of Manhattan.
  • Enjoy this breathtaking view in the morning as well as before and after sunset. There might be no better place to spot the Financial District skyline.
  • walk around and see the view
  • Find a bench and take in the skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge; the setting is especially impressive in the evening, when the lights of Manhattan sparkle across the East River.
  • Take a stroll along the promenade to enjoy the views. Then walk into Brooklyn Heights and stumble into a delicious restaurant. They're not hard to find.
  • The water fountain between Clark and Pierrepont has good, strong water pressure.
  • Pick any bench. Sit and love NY
  • super cool views
  • Make out here.
  • This is the perfect place for an evening stroll after dinner at a nearby restaurant.
  • enjoy a clear night and crescent moon. Extremely romantic.
  • Best place in NYC to check out the skyline.
  • I used to work on court street and this was my spot! Every time I go back home to BK, I end up here. This is the first time I took a pic of a sunset. Love the promenade. Best place to whoosah.
  • Great view of the downtown. Relaxed.

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