Brooklyn Bridge

Bridge, Scenic Lookout
Brooklyn Bridge
New York, NY 10038


  • The Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883. It was the longest suspension bridge in the world from its opening until 1903 and the first steel-wire suspension bridge.
  • The best view of NYC offers a stunning panorama. From the midpoint of the massive suspension bridge, there are spectacular sight lines of Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo and lower Manhattan.
  • A scenic walk across the Brooklyn Bridge provides the perfect backdrop to telling someone that they dont have any friends or for fighting over who is more integral to the marriage equality debate.
  • As you reach the start of the cables walking across the bridge, shoot straight ahead. The arch closest to Manhattan as well as the middle of the bridge also offers spectacular vistas of the city.
  • There is nothing more romantic in all of New York City than taking a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge at night to stare in awe at the city ahead of you. Stick around 'til at least dusk! #vday
  • The giant anchorages of this suspension bridge were supposed to double as shopping arcades. The inside of each features the same Gothic design as the towers, plus 50-foot-high cathedral ceilings.
  • go take a walk on the brooklyn brodge, it's just amazing
  • In Amazing Spider-Man #121, Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man's girlfriend, was thrown off a bridge by the Green Goblin. Even though the artist drew the Brooklyn Bridge, the story said it was the GW Bridge
  • Best bridge, best borough. Walk across it at least once.
  • Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is a must-do when visiting or living in NYC. It's not only a marvel of engineering, but a work of art and a gateway to the beauty of the Manhattan skyline.
  • It was an engineering marvel in 1883, the worlds longest suspension bridge and the first to link the then-separate cities of New York and Brooklyn. - Green Guide Editor
  • Walking over the bridge was great!
  • Walk the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan right before sunset,especially early summer. It's refreshing and awesome view of skyline.
  • One of our favorite places to take a walk when it's nice out. Watch out for bikers!
  • Bold design lives here. A masterwork of engineering, the Brooklyn Bridge was the first steel wire suspension bridge in the world. Construction was finished in 1883. Find more bold:
  • . Strictly recommended, 100 % New York
  • At various times, the bridge has carried horse-drawn and trolley traffic; at present, it has six lanes for motor vehicles, with a separate walkway along the centerline for pedestrians and bicycles.
  • Dont just stop at the halfway point like a tourist, walk all the way across the bridge and back for a 2 mile trek. Youll burn some serious calories while checking out some great views of the city.
  • Historic, monumental, really cool!
  • For the design of the Melo M9, Carmelo wanted to include architectural elements from the bridge that links his birthplace of Brooklyn to his new Manhattan home:

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