Brookdale Dog Park

Dog Run
Brookdale Park
Montclair, NJ 07043


  • 1) Don't bring your small children in the park and get upset when dog's jump on them 2) Don't bring your DOG(s) to the park if you don't want other dogs around them....
  • Pick up your dog's poop!
  • Agree w/ the "pick up your poop post" if you come to the park keep an eye on your dog, don't just sit at the bench and socialize because while you make small talk w/ strangers your dog is pooping away
  • Please remember the park has separate runs for small and large dogs for a reason. Some small dogs become aggressive around larger dogs, and the chaos that follows isn't pleasant for anyone.
  • Cashew's new fav place
  • Biggest dog park I ever seen
  • I appreciate the invitation to leave a comment, but truthfully my interest in the park was the porta-potty as interlude on a long-distance run. So, knowing that, I have to say: it was quite lovely.
  • great park for dogs
  • I take Rhiannon here. She loves it. Nice place to meet other people.
  • It's a great park with an amazing dog park. It's huge and all sort of sports are going on. Very busy in weekends.
  • The space for my dogs to run with & enjoy getting to know other dogs.
  • Enjoyed letting my dogs play with other friendly dogs & owners. It was very refreshing.
  • lots of dogs in different breeds! social gathering for dog lovers! bring your caffeine of choice and let your dog make new friends!
  • Small dog park (as if 4/14) is closed till end of May.

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