Broke City Dwellers Now Selling, Buying Leftovers

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Don't want that cold Chinese food in your fridge? Sell it with a new app
Leftover Swap | Buy and Sell Leftovers | New App
Leftover Swap

Pass off your leftovers to your hungry neighbors.

Freeganism is going to another, more commercial level, as a new app in development promises to satisfy all the hungry and cheap folks around New York City (yep! right here).

SFist tips us off to the new app LeftoverSwap, which pairs up super hungry (and cheap) city dwellers with those who just had too much to eat and have a ton of leftovers.

For the leftover takers, "Simply fire up LeftoverSwap, view the available leftovers around you, make your selection, and arrange for pick-up or delivery. Your cheap, local, and community-oriented meal is waiting." For the leftover givers, "You hate the idea of throwing out food, but also don't want to be eating the same leftovers for the next few days. We understand... Snap a picture of what you can't eat, name it, and share the rest of your meal. Your neighbors are hungry."

The concept itself sounds good, and it's not explicit about whether or not you're actually selling your food, or just giving it away. But as SFist points out, there are a slew of health problems that could occur if this is monetized, as well as fraud, like somebody trying to pass off Grand Sichuan as Mission Chinese for unsuspecting newbies. Still delicious, but we imagine the giver might just make a profit.

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LeftoverSwap is still in development, but sign up on their website for the first tidbits of news.