Woman Arrested Over Pie-Throwing Protest

The woman denied the pie-throwing was a premeditated act
Banana cream pie

Wikimedia/Larry & Teddy

A British woman is being held in Norway on charges of making an "attack on democracy" after throwing a cream pie at the Norwegian Equality Minister. 

A young British woman has been charged with an “attack on democracy” after throwing a cream pie at the Norwegian Equality Minister, but she maintains that the pie-throwing was not a premeditated act.

According to The Local, the 22-year-old British woman threw her pie—which was actually made of shaving cream put inside a pie crust to make it look like a traditional cream pie—at the Equality Minister during the Pride Parade in Oslo on June 25. The minister reportedly finished the parade in spite of the pie incident, but the woman was arrested in connection with the attack.

The woman denied that the pie-throwing was a premeditated act, and her lawyer said that she was simply there to visit friends. The fact that she was carrying around a pie crust full of shaving cream did not seem to support that statement, though.


An “attack on democracy” conviction in Norway carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, but the woman’s lawyer said it was very unlikely that she would get such a harsh sentence. In a previous pie-throwing case, a man convicted of throwing a pie at the Norwegian Finance Minister was sentenced to 30 days in prison for the 2005 attack.