Extreme Bridal Dieting

As their big day approaches, brides-to-be can get a little drastic in their dieting measures

It's no shocker that many brides attempt to drop a few pounds before they step into their wedding dress and walk down the aisle. This process would normally consist of a strict diet and a rigid, intense excercise regime, but times seem to have changed. With so many celebrity brides taking weight off pre-wedding, it's no wonder that women everywhere are yearning to achieve that same look and are willing to pay the cost. 

Go-to methods currently consist of various cleanses like BluePrint and the Master Cleanse, bridal boot camps, appetite-curbing shots and supplements, and daily one-on-ones with trainers. But none are as dire, though, as a 10-day feeding tube diet called the K-E Diet, which provides nourishment sans carbs. 

This plan requires a bride to have a tube inserted through the nose and down the esophagus, and wear it in public. The cost is $1,500 for 10 days and the diet is no picnic; it has many ill-fated side effects, such as dizziness, bad breath, possible kidney stones, and even dehydration. 

The longtime trend of purchasing wedding dresses a few sizes smaller as a means of inspiration and motivation is fine, even noteworthy. But if resorting to a feeding tube to get to get the zipper up is the way now, what's the next trend aftter this?

Let us know your thoughts on the feeding tube: innovative or insane?