Brenden Theaters

Movie Theater, Cineplex
4321 W Flamingo Rd (at Palms)
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 507-4849


  • Every Thursday: 2 for $22: you get two tickets, two medium sodas, one medium popcorn. ALL DAY! 3D and IMAX, and midnight movies are excluded!!
  • Great Customer Service today after seeing the Wizard of Oz in 3d and a bunch of inappropriate previews. The manager treated my daughter with admirable respect. Give that woman a raise, she was great!
  • Check Fandango NOT Flixster!
  • They don't label the theaters with the title of the movie being shown so you can't pull off a double feature. B.S.!!!!
  • Brenden Theaters has the only full sized IMAX screen in Las Vegas. The other theaters that advertise IMAX offer IMAX projectors and sound, but only Brenden has the larger screen.
  • Best theater, never too crowded, and great screens.
  • Live the VIP lifestyle at the Iron Man 2 premiere as part of Stan Lee Tribute Weekend at the Palms on May 6. Bid now!
  • Grab a Popcorn and have a sit :)
  • See a movie on an original sized IMAX screen, now with an upgraded digital projector that can handle 3D films!
  • Check in in Facebook and u can get 2 for 22 on Tuesday 2 tickets 2 drinks and popcorn
  • See every thing in IMAX
  • This is the best theater in the city.
  • Weekday Happy Hour 35mm movies only $5. IMAX $12.
  • Everything Its The Best In Vegas
  • Wonderful place to go see a movie while you're on the strip! Comfortable seating. Get the popcorn seasoning!
  • Staff is teenagers that couldnt care less about your experience.
  • Los asientos y las pelculas !!
  • So comfortable reclinabile chairs! Nice sound, clean bathrooms. Cocktails are 12 bucks and large popcorn (too big!) is 7.25. We only paid 5 bucks for the ticket because it was Monday.
  • The IMAX theater is the best in town but I've been inclined to go to other theaters because they offer reserved seating and Brenden Theaters does not. Now, today on a Saturday, no ticket taker.

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