Breaking the Law for Food

Doing whatever it takes, all in the name of food

Good food is often worth the time, effort or money required to produce it, but in these cases, people have gone above and beyond (and turned to the mostly illegal) in their food related pursuits. We are passionate about all things food, but following these examples is not recommended:

• Shady Lion Meat: While pork may have lost its title as the other white meat, it may get replaced by lion meat, which is, apparently, a chewier, $60 per pound, version of pork. Want to try some? Then head over to Exotic Meat Market or to Savenor’s Market in Cambridge, MA, but beware. Each place says their source is in Illinois, where the largest supplier of lion meat for the US has been charged with labeling meat from endangered species as meat that can be legally killed and sold.

• Truck Disappeared with $400,000 of King Crab: A truck has gone missing while transporting 25,000 pounds of Russian King Crab from a cold storage warehouse in Los Angeles to Seattle. Once the truck failed to make its delivery, the trucking company found that the driver used false documents to get hired and is part of an entire fraud ring.

• Naomi Campbell vs. Cadbury: Naomi Campbell may sue Cadbury after the company ran and originally refused to pull an advertisement for its Dairy Milk Bliss bar that read, “Move over Naomi, there’s a new diva in town. I’m the world’s most pampered bar.” While the ad is no longer in circulation and Cadbury claims the ad was meant to be light-hearted, Campbell is not amused.

• Chinese Establish Death Penalty for Food Safety Crimes: Recent reports of unsafe food have created widespread public anger in China. On Friday, the top court issued a notice that established the death penalty for crimes that interfere with food safety and lead to fatalities.

• Man Fined $1,000 for Transporting 385 pounds of Bologna: To prevent the possibility of introducing foreign animal diseases to the US pork industry, it is illegal to bring bologna across the border. After being stopped at the port of entry to Saint Teresa, police have fined a man $1,000 after finding 385 pounds of Mexican bologna in the back of his truck.

• Victim Left in Coma After Visit to a Bar: After having a few drinks at O’Brien’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Santa Monica earlier this month, a man remains in critical condition. When leaving the establishment, the man bumped into another female patron, was consequently pushed several times by her friend and got knocked down onto the pavement where he struck his head.

• Red Bull Doesn’t Actually Give You Wings: Early Monday afternoon, a man stole five cases of Red Bull from a Boston area supermarket and attempted to flea. The resulting chase remained within the speed limit, so no speeding ticket, but William Gardner is being charged with failing to stop for police, reckless driving, resisting arrest and larceny.

• Turf Wars: Two Uniontown ice cream trucks have waged war against each other and made accusations such as one truck claiming that the other attempted to run them off the road. One incident escalated to the point where police were called to the scene. While no charges were filed, police warned the truck drivers that if the incidents kept occurring, their permits could be revoked.

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