Boutique Shopping In Salt Lake

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The Chalk Garden co-op brings offers shopping, vintage style treasures, art, a salon, and spa all in one
Michelle Sandstrom

A great selection of designer clothes can be found at the Chalk Garden Co-op.

Modern Family’s Ty Burrell has been very active in Salt Lake, opening Beer Bar and Bar X, arguably the two most popular watering holes in town.  Another of his less known but, just as fun projects, is the Chalk Garden Co-op. Partnered with the Barnard family, Burrell helped to bring back this terrific little boutique store in 2012.

While the original Chalk Garden, which had to close it’s doors after 12 years in Trolly Square, was only focused on clothing, the new store is a co-op. As a result of this change, Chalk Garden has been able to expand it’s offerings far beyond clothing alone. This funky little shop is now a mix of shinny trinkets, vintage style treasures, art, a salon, a spa, and like the original, designer clothes shopping. Just add coffee for shoppers to fuel up, and you could literally stay all day browsing for treasures and designer outfits, or getting your hair done at the Lunatic Fringe Salon.

As with all different types of establishments, from restaurant to retail, the staff can make or break a place. At Chalk Garden, the gracious and personable staff will be happy to chat, and help you select the perfect little gem to bring home for a gift after your visit to Salt Lake. Or get some help selecting just the right pair of jeans for a night on the town.

Meet the dashing Robert Olson, who came to Salt Lake a few weeks ago to model for local hotel, The Grand America, an opulent palace built for the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. After completing his work on the ad Olson had found he had fallen in love with Salt Lake.Though it wasn’t his original intent, decided to relocate. Now you can find him behind the counter at Chalk Garden, knowledgeable and charming, sharing details about the art.

The eclectic mix of offerings, pleasantly artistic decor, fun little quirks, and terrific staff, really gives Chalk Garden a sense of charm more conventional stores can’t meet. This boutique is well worth a visit and you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift, or jeans, when you do.

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Michelle Sandstrom is a special contributor to The Daily Meal.