Bourne Bridge

Bridge, Road, Scenic Lookout
Route 28 (Cape Cod Canal)
Bourne, MA 02532


  • Don't jump
  • Time to enjoy the feeling that you are going to The Cape and leave all worries behind.
  • congratulations! you're almost on Cape Cod. I'd share all my fav places with you, but there are enough of you tourists here already. ;)
  • Great for driving over!
  • Welcome to the Cape!
  • When the zombies come, the cars stuck in traffic here will be like TV dinners.
  • Everytime I go over this bridge I think of Matt Damon and smile. Damn he's hot! LOL
  • Did you know the Canal is man made?
  • You should be able to pick up PIXY 103 from here.
  • was here.
  • Best bridge to get to Cape Cod. Worst bridge to leave Cape Cod.
  • Ahhh....its a bridge? Nothing to report really.
  • Everything is good here..
  • This bridge is the worst in summer!
  • It goes over the canal, that's pretty good.
  • When coming to Cape Cod take the Bourne Bridge. When leaving take the Sagamore Bridge. You will thank me later.
  • Toss a penny off the side
  • I love you Man!!!!
  • Go in middle of the night....
  • Drink....heavily

Nearby places

60 Ed Moffitt Drive (Sandwich to Bourne)
350 Quaker Rd (at Cea Rd.)