Boston's Newest Biergarten, Bronwyn

A 'sausage and beer emporium'

Sausage + beer — what more could you need from Boston's newest biergarten? Chef Tim Wiechmann, of the restaurant T.W. Food, is bring his take on sausage and beer to a high-concept biergarten, Bronwyn, opened this week. 

The Boston Globe has called it a "refined take" on a biergarten, and features all kinds of sausages — kielbasa, currywurst, bierwurst, made in-house — plus more traditional German fare, like rebekuchen, knodel, sauerbraten, and jagerschnitzel. And of course, that includes a hefty German beer selection, but Eater also reports that the beer list includes Czech, Polish, and Central European beers. And we really enjoy the Globe's description of the scene at Bronwyn: "Somervillains in plaid-shirt finery. Man dates. Beer geeks. Teutonophiles. There is music playing, but it’s almost too loud to hear what it is. In one room, tattooed women hoist steins at the bar and newly made friends debate the merits of different dishes seated on benches at rough-hewn communal tables. In the adjacent dining room, seating is more elegant: ornate wood chairs upholstered in velvet."