Bordeaux Reinvented for the Rest of Us

High-quality wine is now accessible to everyone

Can Old World wines become new? The answer is yes if you are talking about Bordeaux, which has the reputation of being some of the best wine in the world, but also the most expensive. Many new to intermediate wine enthusiasts don't even bother looking at bordeaux wines in a wine shop because they are intimidated and assume they will be out of their price range.

But thanks to a much-needed campaign by the Bordeaux Wine Council called "Today’s Bordeaux," that is going to change. They created a contest of sorts, with 300 Bordeaux wines less than $35 — sparkling, white, red, and dessert — submitted by importers. A tasting panel of five "Le Wine Buffs", a team of Bordeaux Wine Council-appointed wine connoisseurs, and three guest judges, blind-tasted the wines and chose the best 100. They range from $9 to $35 and are from both the well-known and lesser-known regions of Bordeaux.

Not only are these wines delicious, they are that much more impressive given their affordability. So now anyone who likes wine, regardless of their knowledge or budget, can go into a wine store armed with this list of the 100 "Today’s Bordeaux" wines and feel confident that they will be getting something great.


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