Bold New York City Taste Meets Fresh Delray Beach Branding

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OGK Creative reveals the secret sauce behind the confident look and feel of Rappy's Deli

OGK Creative reveals the secret sauce behind the confident look and feel of Rappy's Deli

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Dec. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- South Florida residents are no strangers to Jewish delis, but some would argue that these ventures fall short of emulating what makes NYC's delicatessens so special.

"Legendary delis have an almost impenetrable aura," says Roiby Gonzalez, Executive Creative Director - OGK Creative. "Newer restaurants are careful when drawing comparisons."

OGK Creative, on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, FL, ended up being the perfect fit for introducing Rappy's Deli to the world. After bonding over stories—and pastrami sandwiches—they couldn't wait to sink their teeth into this marketing challenge.

"We set out to make Rappy's as iconic as the food they serve," said Chris Occhipinti, Founding Partner - OGK Creative. "This meant creating a distinct look that was fun and energetic, while at the same time remaining sophisticated."

OGK fused modern and traditional for a look that was fresh while remaining true to its roots. Illustrations and eccentric copywriting come together to distinguish Rappy's from the rest of the market, while effectively communicating who they are and what they do. OGK took inspiration from Americana pop culture and gave it a twist—turning tuna salad and knishes into bonafide rockstars.

Beneath the logo sits the location "New York, FL." While the place fictional, the sentiment is very much grounded in reality—there's a constant flow of people moving between the two destinations. Rappy's wants their audience to know that their food is the real deal, and this little detail conveys that message in a way that pays tribute to the residents.

"All of the characteristics that set Rappy's apart from the competition are captured within the new brand. That's what good branding should do, and that's what we do here," says Craig Kuperman, Founding Partner - OGK Creative.

Rappy's is set to open in Boca Raton, FL during Fall 2016. For more information, follow them on social media @rappysdeli or To learn more about OGK Creative, check out or contact


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