Boeing IMAX Theater

Movie Theater
200 2nd Ave N (in Pacific Science Center)
Seattle, WA 98109
(800) 664-8775


  • Beware of impostor IMAX cinemas at local multiplexes. This and the PACCAR Theater are the only real IMAX cinemas in the Seattle area.
  • Huge screen. Make sure you get in early enough to get a good seat facing straight.
  • The secrets of sound is awesome!!!!!
  • See any 3D major motion-picture release here, but wait for the second week (less crowding) -- so amazing!!!
  • Huge screen, comfy seats. Great cinema.
  • Comfortable seats, big projector
  • Life-changing IMAX experience
  • Best IMAX theater in western Washington.
  • Get there early:)
  • Junior Mints kept in the fridge.
  • Aisle row, in the center, is the best place to sit.
  • pro tip: don't tear up and throw away your receipt to a sold out show instead of your ticket.
  • Arrive at least an hour early for good seats
  • Siempre es una experiencia placentera disfrutar de una pelcula en una pantalla gigante y con sonido envolvente. Lo nico malo es que no puedes pre-seleccionar asientos
  • Get their at least an hour before your show time.
  • Get here early or end up with poor seats.
  • The seating arrangement doesn't affect your experience too much, but getting a seat towards the center is still desirable.
  • The concession stand is bloody expensive, but the experience was completely worth it.
  • Awesome picture and sound
  • If you are part of the Discovery Circle, you gat awesome access to movies with great food and cocktails

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