Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Makeup Trunk Will Make You Gorgeous For The Holidays


Okay, it’s officially the holidays. You put away your costume and pulled out those paper turkeys the kids made and you’re already planning what to wear to escape scrutiny from the family (or in-laws, significant other’s parents—pick your poison). Now is the time we should be thinking about others—unless of course you’re in need of a new makeup collection. An entire new makeup collection. Bobbi Brown has released a limited edition makeup trunk for the holidays with basically every product you could imagine for beatifying that gorgeous face of yours. With almost too many things to list (let’s just say it covers skincare to makeup to brushes) you’ll have a whole new slew of colors to choose from. It all comes packed into the perfect golden trunk and includes some of her best-selling and most-wanted products. So you can either pop it on that Christmas list or grab it for yourself beforehand so you can look refreshed, relaxed and glowing while suffering through two months of family festivities.