Bluehour: Carefully Executed Dishes, Attentive Service, and Impressive Atmosphere

Carefully Executed Dishes, Attentive Service, and Impressive Atmosphere


A trendy, special, and beautiful place to dine, Bluehour, at 250 NW 13th Ave in Portland’s Pearl District, is currently one of the most popular restaurants in the area.

At Bluehour, you’ll fine whisky sours prepared with precise care and scallops cooked to perfection. Though some say the prices are outlandish, the quality of the food and service seems to be worth the extra money. The menu features main dishes such as black truffle sea bass, grilled lamb loin chop, and their tagliatelle, a unique meal consisting of guanciale (an unsmoked Italian bacon), baby artichoke, fried quail egg, and mint. The cheese plate also comes highly recommended, a plate of the chef’s daily cheese selections and marcona almonds, apples, and a baguette. Despite high prices, you can find cheaper deals on the happy hour menu, which typically offers about 15 items ranging from as little as $1 to $9.

For dessert, the pumpkin pave is a huge crowd-pleaser that’s made from a malted milk cake, ginger caramel, and spiced pepitas. Bluehour’s food, atmosphere, and service leaves very little, if anything, to be desired, so come to the Pearl District to take it all in.