Blue Note Cafe

Southern / Soul, American, Café
MEM Airport
Memphis, TN 38118-4810


  • The only place you can smoke inside the gate area
  • Thank god for smoking in the airport.
  • If ur a non-smoker avoid this place. Had the turkey BBQ sandwich - basically a bun with old turkey and a splat of forgetable sauce.
  • Very very hip for a fuckin airport bar. Indeed!
  • Smoking and drinking in an airport?!? Not cramped in a foggy shell? Thank you Memphis!
  • They have veggie burger here!
  • Ssssmokin!
  • Big time smoking area inside & "patio" seating outside. I had the nacho starter & it was enough for a family to get full. Service wasn't great but this isn't fine dining.
  • Fat Tire on draft, I think so......
  • Terrible service, food, everything.
  • Been waiting 15 minutes for our server to appear. Good thing we have an hour before the flight.
  • Watch out for drunks before noon, got vommited on here
  • Staff could be nicer. It's the only place to smoke in the airport, so better be ready to buy a drink or food so you can.
  • I know it can be little price. But compared to airport food everywhere else. It rocks. Real cheese and real Bacon for breakfast. And the sandwiches are actually made fresh and they are good portions.
  • Been here 15 minutes an no one has approached my table. The service is indeed terrible.
  • You may want to skip the sit-down meal. Service is a bit slow for an airport venue.
  • Terrible service, and mediocre food. Go elsewhere, unless you need to smoke.
  • Go to the bar and holla at Steve.
  • Sweet Tea! And real meat!