Blue Marble Ice Cream

Ice Cream
Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 1
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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  • Try - Ginger and strawberry. The strawberry - a nice mixture of sweet and tart, although not too much of either-and the ginger was mellow and a bit sweet. Both had a smooth, creamy texture.
  • On the west end of Pier 1 in BBP. Try a small two scoop- strawberry and butter pecan.
  • 'The high butterfat content of the scoops here ensures a super creamy texture, but the flavors stay bright. Our favorite scoop? Probably the strawberry'
  • Sea Salt Caramel; Burnt Sugar; Sweet Cream
  • Try the ice cream cupcake...
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  • at Blue Marble Ice Cream with Brittany.
  • All the ice creams here are made with dairy from an organic dairy cooperative in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  • Get their butter pecan!