Blackstone Family Restaurant

706 W Walnut St (at Ashland Ave)
Green Bay, WI 54303
(920) 432-5838



  • Are you drunk? Do you like mediocre cheap food? Are you still drunk? Then you should probably stop here and sober up a little... and tip your waitress of course, they deal with a lot of you people :D
  • Old glory rocks my socks
  • The waitress picked her teeth before bringing us our food, without washing her hands. GROSS!
  • I love blackstone. I sober up eating that great food.
  • Healthy? This is Green Bay! Best food in town.
  • I collect drier lint and I swear I am not out of my mind. But I am almost out of drier lint.
  • Good breakfast food, strong coffee, recently remodeled!
  • Best home cooking around at great prices!
  • Way better than any Denny's or Perkins! Locally owned and operated; open 24hrs; with fair prices. The quintessential greasy spoon diner.
  • Blackstone scrambler. Mmm
  • they have the best brat burgers, dont forget to tip ur waitress, for those of u who come and drink coffee an do nothing else tip ur waitress
  • Get the BS Slam
  • Roxanne H. is ignorant. This is a blue collar joint, have common sense when you come here. And tip the staff, they bust ass for drunks.
  • Service is pretty terrible in the early daytime hours and the food isnt the greatest. Its something to eat, though, if youre starving.
  • Food was great and people were friendly my meal was paid for by a fellow veteran made my day
  • Amazing food but the place is pretty ghetto.
  • You know how sometimes the dirtiest hole in the wall has the best breakfast? This is NOT one of those times. Visitors. .. please no.
  • Breakfast is the best. I love the atmosphere
  • Good ol' greasy spoon of a restaurant. Love places like this.
  • Parking was great , plenty of seats available. I was very disappointed with food and service.

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