Black Canyon

$ $
Aman Central
Alor Star, Kedah


  • Delicious tomyam.
  • Delicious tom yum, fried mix vegetables with soy sauce and sweet fried chicken cooked to perfection :)
  • My first impression is this must be a Western cafe. After looking at the menu, in fact, this is an authentic Thai restaurant. Nice
  • Now tell me how this can be for 'Good Health'?
  • Never fails me
  • Those who likes spicy food , you guys should come here~ the tomyam is so nice
  • The black coffee is heaven sent!
  • Their food is really good!!! Flavorful and won't be too spicy. Highly recommended restaurant if you are a big fan of Thai food
  • Food is yummy and their service is excellent.Their waitress are polite and servce us with good manner:-)
  • Nice tomyam !

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