Bizarre News: Meat Edition

Staff Writer
Strange happenings in meat-related media

Out-there stories involving meat have been popping up in headlines all over these days. Take for example the news this past Friday of two Tucson, Arizona eateries that joined forces to create the world's largest cheesesteak on record. Or perhaps the report that came out this weekend, which detailed the efforts of Italian police as they broke up a banquet featuring bear meat in northern Italy. Keep reading to get the scoop on these meaty stories, and others that are even stranger.

Chicken Bone Car Crash: A district judge outside of Swansea, Wales ordered a man accused of throwing a chicken bone at a car and causing a four-car pile-up to pay an £85 fine yesterday. Andre Varciana, 22, was intending to throw a piece of chicken to his friend across the street on the afternoon of June 25th when a car drove past, causing the accident. 

Record Is Set for The World's Largest Cheesesteak: The episode of the Food Network's show Outrageous Food that details Frankies South Philly Cheesesteaks and Acacia Real Food & Cocktails joint efforts to create the world's largest cheesesteak aired this past Friday. The feat took place in Tucson, Arizona on April 2nd, thanks to the help of 60 volunteers who topped 400 pounds of meat and onions with 100 pounds of Cheez Whiz to complete the 426 foot-long cheesesteak. 

The Northern Leage Hosts A Bear Meat Banquet: Italian officials broke up a banquet of bear meat hosted by The Northern League at a rally in Imer in the Italian Dolomites this past weekend. The political coalition responsible for the event (which is aligned with Italy's prime minister Silvio Berlusconi) claims that they were protesting the potential harm to humans that the rising population of brown bears in the region could cause.

World's Largest Burger Attempt: Brett Enright, CEO of Juicy's barbecue catering company and Nick Nicora of Ovation Food Services attempted to grill up the world's largest commercially available burger at the Alameda County Fair yesterday. They are still waiting for confirmation from Guinness on whether they have secured the world record. The burger started out at 600 pounds and shrank to 400 after cooking on the grill for nearly 15 hours. Fair-goers were able to enjoy the meaty creation for 99 cents per serving. 

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