Bizarre Food and Drink Laws Slideshow

It is illegal to spit orange peels on the sidewalk in Alabama.

Arthur Bovino

According to the code of ordinance in Mobile, Ala., "no person shall spit or throw fruit skins, parings or peelings upon any sidewalk in the city or upon the floor of any bus operated within the city or in any public elevator, public building, public theater or public hall or upon any walkway in any public park in the city." You're all for a clean city, and it's probably a good thing that spitting fruit skins out on the floor in the elevator isn't allowed, but the sidewalk? And doesn't this allow you to gently drop them on the floor anyway?

Cooking inside a mobile trailer is illegal in Fenwick Island, Delaware.

As far as it seems, it is unlawful for any person to live, dwell, cook, sleep, change clothes, or use toilet facilities inside any vehicle within the corporate limits of the Town of Fenwick Island, Del.

Liquor stores in Indiana may not sell milk, or cold soda.

According to the Indiana Legislative Services Agency package liquor stores can only sell: liquor, beer, wine, bar supplies, tobacco, uncooled water and sodas, printed materials, lottery tickets, cooled or uncooled nonalcoholic malt beverages, and flavored malt beverages. So... no milk. Parliament Lights are ok. Lottery tickets, check. Dr Pepper that isn't chilled — not allowed. Milk, not so much.

It is illegal to park in front of Dunkin Donuts in South Berwick, Maine.

According to the site for the Town of South Berwick in Maine, it does indeed seem true that it is illegal to park in front of the Dunkin' Donuts on Main Street "to a point 25 feet south." Take a look for yourself at the street view of the actual Dunkin' Donuts in question. Is there even room for someone to try to park their car?


In Massachusetts, you can't give beer to a drunk hospital patient.

According to the Massachusetts legislature, you can't give, sell, or deliver alcoholic beverages to a patient in any hospital who is suffering from inebriety, or from the effect of inebriety. Except, that is under the direction of a physician. So how'd they get drunk in the first place if they're already a patient?

In Massachusetts, candy can't contain liquid or syrup that has more than one percent alcohol.

According to the Massachusetts legislature, if you sell candy containing liquid or syrup that has more than one percent of alcohol you can be fined $100. Sure, there are kids out there to look out for, but one percent is ok and two isn't? Seems kind of arbitrary.

It is illegal to sell two beers at once for a single price in Athens-Clarke, Georgia. No two for $5 specials!

Arthur Bovino

According to the code of ordinances, it is illegal in Athens-Clarke, Ga. to sell two or more alcoholic beverages for a price substantially the same as is charged for one such alcoholic beverage. And don't even try to sell, offer to sell, or deliver to any person or group of persons any alcoholic beverage at a price less than $1.00.