Bird's Party Magazine - You in?

Bird's Party Magazine - You in?
From, by C Riches

Bird's Party Magazine Call Out for Sponsors from $25 for half a page ad!! perfect place to advertize your business or blog!!

Oh Goodie. It's Monday again!!
When you love what you do, Mondays are totally cool again, right?!  ;)And speaking of cool, we're prepping our summer magazine issue and would LOVE to include you!!
And yes. The image is random.Just wanted to see if you're awake! :p
Ads starts at $25 for half a page and it's a great (not to mention super affordable, right?!) way to bring your business, blog or service in front of the right party-loving crowd.
As always, we share the best ideas from our fave party bloggers and professionals in each issue!And what a line up we have, I tell ya ;)
Plus, our lifestyle and parties but also foodies, DIYers, moms, event planners and industry influences are always on a look out for treasures they can find in it.
So if you think your business or blog would benefit from the HUGE exposure (wink, wink), get in touch to grab your spot!
Space are limited and we only now have a few spots left (deadline for bookings is June 03rd)
Wake up, and get in touch now! Email: bird(at)birdsparty(dot)com
I'm waiting! ♥

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