Bird's Party Magazine Fall Issue 14 Out Now!

From by C Riches
Bird's Party Magazine Fall Issue 14 Out Now!

Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving Party Ideas with Bird's Party Magazine Issue 14

Editing a magazine is a lot like a baking a cake.
Getting your tools ready, making a little mess in the process, but knowing that if you get all these different ingredients together in the right way, hopefully you'll create something drool-worthy at the end. 
You don't know how your recipe's gonna turn out until you get it out of the oven.
The wait is also a little long, but it's all SO worth it in the end! ;)
And with each issue, I get even more excited to bring you a new 'recipe' with amazing new 'ingredients' and seasonal flavors to help inspired and delight your own party taste buds!
But this kitchen is full of amazing chefs and delightful ingredients that help make this huge 'cake' a true labor of love. So you can tell it's gonna be delicious! :)
And all we can hope for is that you enjoy this cake as much as we do! (and that you get the analogy of this post...haha)
Anyways, hope you enjoy the issue and feel free to share a 'slice' or two with your friends - don't be greedy now! ;)
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