Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Theme Park
Frontierland (at Disneyland Park)
Anaheim, CA 92802


  • Sit in the back rows for the best experience
  • Leave the goat alone already. He's self-conscious enough as it is.
  • Hang on to your hats & glasses...this here's the wildest ride inthe wilderness!
  • fastpass!!
  • Always keep your eye on the goat, all the way around!
  • When the ride starts and you go around the first curve, it is customary to scream for no reason when it gets dark
  • Goat Trick, all the time every time.
  • Sit on the right if you're smaller! It has a lot of right-hand turns
  • The mickey mouse head is located on your left. It's a set of cogs laid out upside down.
  • Ride it at night for an awesome change!
  • Ride it during the fireworks!
  • What's with the goat?!
  • If you're in the last 3 rows, keep your eyes on the goat!
  • Ask for rows 14 and 15
  • After walking in, after the first right turn, look to the right rock the light. You will find a hidden Mickey made with 3 rocks on the wall!
  • Look behind you for a stomach wrenching experience
  • Ride here during the fireworks.
  • Ride while the fireworks on going on! :) get in the line after Fantasmic finishes and you should JUST make it :)
  • Goat effect! Keep your eyes on the goat all the way around. Ask for the back!
  • The saloon is hiring. The window reads: "bartender wanted"

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