The Best Wine Pairings for Fall Foods

Seasonal pairing essentials

After a summer of enjoying whites and lightly chilled reds, it’s time to kick down the cellar doors and start pulling bottles once again. One thing I love about fall is that the changing seasons make hearty reds the star of any table.

Last year, I did a roundup of wines right for the season. This go-around, I’m taking it one step further and sharing wines and recipes that epitomize the fall.

These days, there is less and less seasonality with wine. Why can’t you enjoy a big monster red in air-conditioned splendor during a 100-degree heat wave? You most certainly can, but there is something extra special when the air is redolent of the light edge of decay and smoke that seems to accompany the change of the seasons in these parts. So with that in mind, join me as I explore my autumn table.

Click here for the Fall Wine Pairings Slideshow.

— Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth